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Looking Back

Posted by JAYadmin
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on Thursday, 01 January 2015 in Jay Harris's Blogs

     I was fortunate to end/start the year with a 4-show run, beginning with a NYE gig in Valparaiso, Indiana. I rung 2015 in, while driving home from my gig, cause I had to be up early to drive to Waucoma, Iowa for a New Years Day show.  You can tell you're driving thru Indiana's backroads when all you see are smokestacks and run down buildings. Only one thought comes to mind - please don't let me break down here. The party was great though, and the lady who put it together did a great job cooking some serious grub. The Iowa gig turned out to be a lot more fun than I thought, and I'm exited to have 2 more shows Fri/Sat in Buffalo & Owatanna, MN.

     I'm trying to find some solace with 2014 in my rear-view mirror - no doubt it was a tough one for me. Probably one of my hardest ever. My girlfriends demise, and my Dad's cancer diagnosis were just a few of things that made it one I'm glad is over.  But I'm trying to be grateful for all the good things as well. One of them being the Paul McCartney concert this past July at the United Center, here in Chicago. I also got to perform at multiple colleges in the Midwest, as well as a few in/around Philadelphia. It was my third time thru Philly, and I enjoy it more each time I go. Getting to see my Dad twice in Las Vegas, where he lives, was another highlight. The second go-round was in September, when I also got to perform in the World Series of Comedy. While I was disappointed with how things transpired, I will learn from my experience. It was also an honor to entertain the US Navy at the Great Lakes Naval Base for their holiday party.

     It has been amazing to see the Bill Cosby drama unfold, with more to come, I'm sure. And the whole thing with the movie "The Interview," with Seth Rogan, and James Franco, couldn't have been scripted better. I finished reading my second book on the gulags of North Korea, and I can't think of a bigger Ponzi- scheme, than North Korea. Current leadership- beginning with Kim Jung-un is brain-washing, torturing, and working to death/killing any citizen that doesn't adhere to their "philosophy." It's a shame the world isn't doing more to free the country of this Hitler imitator.  He'll fall eventually, let's hope it's sooner than later. 

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