Time For Change

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I’ve done this before. Come back from a gig in Wisconsin, only to not have enough cash to stop at Speed Queen BBQ in Milwaukee. They don’t accept credit cards, and finding an ATM in Milwaukee can be like looking for a bar that sells Budweiser. So I had to use coins out of my change jar, which comes in handy, but people look at you like you’re a dick.  Even banks don’t like change. They used to convert it to paper money, now they tell you “we don’t do that anymore, but if you want, we’ll give you the wrappers and you can roll your own- let’s see how you like it.”  I just want to get to a point in my career, when I’m using paper money. I have big expectations. 

     Last year ended with me being in the hospital for several stays. I’d had some tests done, and was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat. Midway thru one test, the technician determined that I needed to go to the ER immediately. After a few procedures, I’m doing better, but I need to take better care of myself. Than a few weeks later, my check engine light went on, which turned into a $750 transmission issue.  I’ve just finished up an 8-week run of weekend shows, driving to and from states like Iowa and Wisconsin. I’d say there were differences between the two, but life on the road often blends together, and what remain are only snapshots. I received a sobriety check in Des Moines, even though I was sober, and only going to pick up oatmeal from the Walmart.

     I did a late-night show at the local VW post here in Chicago, that was mostly frequented by police officers, and military. There was a heckler in the crowd, who I assumed was with the group. I kid-gloved him, since I was sure he was a cop or military-person, but he wouldn’t shut-up. He eventually got removed, and escorted out of the building – but not before shoving one of the cops, and saying “Fu%@ the military.” Turned-out, nobody knew who he was. From what I heard, he got the daylights beat-out of him. Below is the Lomo Saltado from Mia Patria, an Ecuadorian restaurant in Des Moines- insane !