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I’ve been reading the cartoon Blondie ever since I can remember. It’s written by Dean Young, and drawn by John Marshall. Dean inherited the cartoon in 1973 from his father Chic when he died, and it will be 86 years old this coming Fall. Something about the cartoon resonated with me, and I wanted to give proper credit for being the inspiration for my website design. The cartoon is centered around a women named Blondie thats married to a guy named Dagwood. Some of the the situations have to do with eating, sleeping, and everyday quandaries – topics I can relate to. Young has been quoted as stating that if people admire a person’s character and the way they act, they’ll love that character – very similar to a comedian’s job on stage. Dagwood has personalty traits similar to myself, and I’ve alway felt a connection to him, even if he’s just a cartoon. For example, we both get exited about food, and are clueless in various situations. A good part of my persona on stage, comes from real-life interactions with other people- similar to what Dagwood deals with in his cartoon life.

I’ve been touring non-stop, but I love it. Grinding out new material is what keeps me going, even if it does come at a price. I did a prom show for teenagers in Indiana that didn’t go well, but I was able to get some good material out of it. I never went to prom in high school- my date stood me up at the last minute. I’d even rented the tux already, and gone thru the formalities. I ended-up driving downtown with my friend Mark that night. At one of the stop-lights, I turned my head to the car over and saw the girl who agreed to go with me, along with her date to the prom. Below is a pic from Everest Tikka, a Nepalese restaurant I stopped at, while working at Courtney’s Comedy Club in Moorhead, MN. Under that -Gray Brothers Cafeteria, in Moorsvile, Indiana -they are both great.